Welcome to webCCar.com, your source for tools, information and documentation aimed to ease the transition for current users of CCaR desktop client to the web version of CCaR.

Introducing the next generation of CCaR:

  • My CCaR enhanced functionality keeps users apprised of pertinent tasks.
  • Enhanced CCaR Record - Layout allows users easy accessibility to view and modify their requirement and detailed execution data.
  • Forecasting - Familiar forecasting features provide a multitude of forecasting options.
  • The new and improved Commitment Document layout allows users to navigate easily through each section of any document, making the execution of funding even easier.
  • Updated Incoming Documents - Layout allows users to track and execute funding received from other organizations with ease.
  • Program Tool - Provides Program Managers with a central interface to organize, manage and present program information.
  • SMART Interface - Enables users to send data electronically to the System Metric and Reporting Tool.
  • Exec CCaR Interface - Publishes pertinent program and financial data to Executive CCaR at the push of a button.

  • Fully integrated ABSS interface allows users to create, release, coordinate, and certify commitment documents directly from Web CCaR.
  • Contract Management functionality provides users with tools to track large contracts at detailed levels allowing for in-depth contract analysis to be performed with ease.
  • Enhanced Reconciliation Tool provides users customizable data views, component filter and sort functionality, and enhanced search capabilities.
  • Obligation and Expenditure Tracking provides detailed execution data by document, budget, and Fiscal Year.
  • Budget Authority Editor allows users to track their direct funding authorizations by budget and Fiscal Year.
  • Distributed Budget capability allows organizations to send and receive funds electronically.
  • Enhanced New Start Form allows Air Force organizations to annotate whether or not the requirement was documented in the presidents budget.
  • Enhanced Administration features enable users to more easily manage users, customized workflows, and system setting from one location.
  • Consolidated Report Menu provides users to access familiar budgeting and execution reports such as the Funding Profile Report and Budget Execution Report and Document Coordination reports from one location.







WebCCaR Overview

WebCCaR Overview 6:23

WebCCaR Login

WebCCaR Login 0:38

WebCCaR CAC Login

WebCCaR CAC Login 0:52

CCaR Overview

CCaR Overview 4:08

MyCCaR Overview

MyCCaR Overview1:46

Opening a CCaR

Opening a CCaR 2:30

Creating a CCaR

Creating a CCaR 1:00

Coordinating a CCaR

Coordinating a CCaR 1:56

Contracts Module Overview

Contracts Module Overview5:42

Opening a Contract

Opening a Contract 0:52